Simple Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Chocolate Mousse Recipe
  • Prep Time : 5m
  • Cook Time : 5m
  • Ready In : 5m

Hello everyone, today EatFormula is ready to give a new recipe which is called Chocolate Mousse Recipe. I think you got something about this from the title. You will think you died and went to Heaven all for about Four (4) seconds worth of effort. This rich and tantalizingly decadent dessert will impress everyone who tastes it. So, don’t need to waste time go to the recipe ingredients. You will not need a huge list of ingredients for this recipe.


  • Heavy cream: 1/4 cup
  • Chocolate syrup: 2 tablespoons

And now the time for instructions to make this recipe. We need all the ingredients which is already talk in ingredients.


Step 1

At First, add the ingredients to the short Cup and blend until smooth.

Step 2

When blend is over then it is ready. Now you can enjoy it very nicely.

From this Chocolate Mousse, you can make one serving. If you want to more serving then you will need to double or triple the recipe. Hope will fulfill your need.

Now mistreatment the Flat Blade, grind many chocolate chips up within the Short Cup. Twist on a Shaker/Steamer prime and sprinkle somewhat on the highest of your mousse.  You will conjointly whip some cream and add a small indefinite amount to the highest of every serving of mousse.Chocolate Mousse Recipe

As usual Eatformula thanks for reading this Chocolate Mousse recipe. So currently you want to strive reception sort of a skilled cooking utensil and serve your family and friends. And build a pleasant party with this formula and luxuriate in full.

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