Coffee Protein Shake Recipe

Coffee Protein Shake
  • Servings : 1
  • Ready In : 3m

Coffee is one such thing that most of us are in love with. Now, if you ask me for the reason, it is pretty simple. This is one such drink that you can have anywhere and anytime. However, at times a simple cup of latte or brewed coffee might get boring.

What if you get another new recipe that involves coffee, is tasty and is healthy?

Coffee Protein Shake is exactly what you need. This article gives you one way of making a coffee protein shake with high protein and less sugar.

To make a single shake, you need the following ingredients.


  • Ripe Banana- ½ a piece.
  • No sugar added vanilla protein powder-1 scoop.
  • Cold or room temperature brewed coffee- ½ cup.
  • Vanilla Almond Milk- ½ cup.
  • Cubed ice- 1 and ½ cups.
  • Cacao nibs- to sprinkle on the top if needed.
  • Stevia extract- 1 to 3 drops, if needed.

You need to follow these steps to make the coffee protein shake.


Step 1

Take a high-powered blender, add all the ingredients, except the ice cubes, cacao nibs, and stevia extracts, to the blender and then blend it well till everything mixes together.

Step 2

Now, when the mixture is done, slowly add the ice cubes to the blender and keep processing until you get a creamy texture.

Step 3

Put the drink in a glass, sprinkle some cacao nibs if needed, and serve it while it is cool.

Step 4

In case you want a sweeter drink, you can always add 1 to 3 drops of stevia extract to your drink.

The drink is ready to be served. One sip from the glass will make your day. You can serve it for breakfasts, or make it for your afternoon dates. Kids love these kinds of protein shakes which taste good and are healthy at the same time.

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