Kale Juice Recipe

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Kale Juice Recipe

Kale juice can not be as yummy as apple, orange, or else pineapple juice, however it offers A LOT extra nutrients for your in general physical condition.

Ingredients for Kale Juice:

Kale Juice Recipe

Kale Juice Recipe

  • Five Kale leaves.
  • One Cucumber.
  • One Pear.

Methods for Kale Juice:

  1. By extracting, infuse in icy water for optimal removal.
  2. And now need to wash all ingredients very nicely.
  3. Then must cut kale stalks out as well as use leaves only.
  4. Now remove stem plus seeds from pear.
  5. At last begin juicing with kale first, then cucumber and pear in the USHA Nutripress cold press Juicer.
  6. And enjoy!


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