Keto Bread – Ketogenic Diet-Recipes For Ketosis and Weight Loss

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Keto Bread – Ketogenic Diet-Recipes For Ketosis and Weight Loss

This is the most Simple low carb bread out of all the Keto Bread Recipes you guys will ever see. It comes out really delicious and fluffy and it goes great with some kerrygold or your favorite type of butter. You can also make this same recipe into muffins if you want to use more protein to flavor it or add stevia. This is one of the most versatile ketogenic diet and lchf techniques to make bread and stay in ketosis for maximum weight loss.

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  1. posted by Anonymous on January 3, 2018

    It’s pretty annoying when there’s no recipe in the blog text. I’m one of those people who think watching a ‘how-to’ video is a huge waste of time.

    Just give me the ingredients and the steps. Please! I can read *much* faster than you can speak.


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