Ham and Cheddar Wraps

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ham and cheddar wraps

People loves to eat Ham and Cheddar Wraps in their Lunch. As well as our reads like this too. This keto planed recipe is full with Calories: 600, 44F, 27P, 8C. So, why not attempt to create! We have formulated this 2 trouble-free methods you have to follow: 1) Collect Ingredients and 2) Go after simple Instructions.

Ingredients for Ham and Cheddar Wraps:

• One low carb wrap
• Two tablespoon mayonnaise
• two oz. cheddar, shredded
• Pickles or jalapenos to taste
• Salt, pepper
• Two oz. deli ham

Instructions for Ham and Cheddar Wraps:

1. On top of a low carb wrap, extend the mayonnaise.
2. Then put in the shredded cheddar cheese with ham slices.
3. If you want, add few pickles or else jalapenos for something fresh moreover juicy.
4. Now Wrap it up tight along with slice it to fit your lunch bag
5. Or enjoy it right away.

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