How to Easily Deseed a Chili

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The seeds and flesh of the chilli can both be eaten, but cooking chillies does not reduce the intensity of capsaicin; only removing the seeds and veins will lessen their heat. To prepare fresh chillies, slit them lengthwise, remove the seeds and membranes with the tip of the knife and cut off the stem.

Step 1:

Place chilli on a clean work surface. Holding the stem with your fingertips, use a small sharp knife to carefully split lengthways.

Step 2:

Wearing gloves to protect your hands, hold the chilli at one end and use a small sharp knife to remove the seeds and membrane.

Step 3:

Thinly slice the chilli. The heat from a chilli comes from the seeds and membrane, so, if you prefer your food hot, leave these intact.


How to Easily Deseed a Chili – Food Hack

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