Delicious Honey Dijon Chicken Recipe

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Honey Dijon Chicken recipe is  of the most lovely food recipe I have ever eaten. Dijon Chicken recipe is very healthy recipe and also delicious recipe. So, today we will learn it how to make this chicken recipe.

To make Honey Dijon Chicken recipe we need much ingredients. Check bellow and you get all ingredients for this.

Ingredients for Honey Dijon ChickenHoney_Dijon_Chicken_Recipe

  • First you need 2 pounds pathetic, skinless hen breasts, overweight trimmed.
  • And also need ¼ cup honey as it is Honey Dijon Chicken recipe.
  • Next you must have 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard.
  • Then 2 tea-spoons black intersperse.
  • And ½ teaspoon salt as well.
  • Then ½ teaspoon soil thyme.
  • And also ½ cup water not needed till day of food preparation.
  • At last 1gallon sized plastic freezer bag is needed.

Ok, Now you have all the ingredients to make this Honey Dijon Chicken recipe.  And you must need to follow some methods for this recipe. Let’s go for it.

Simple instructions for Honey Dijon Chicken recipe.

  1. At first label freezer bag.
  2. And then add all the ingredients that you have collected to your freezer bag.
  3. Now take out as much atmosphere from the freezer bag as potential, seal, and place flat in your freezer clearly.
  4. And the night previous to cooking, move ice-covered bag to your refrigerator to melt.
  5. Next morning of cooking, transfer contents of ice-covered bag into your slow cooker and include water.
  6. And heat on “Low Down” location for 4-6 hours or pending chicken is cooked through and tender.

When you will complete all the methods for this recipe then it will be ready for serving. This recipe have the power for 6 public servings. You can enjoy this recipe with your Family and friends. Thanks for reading this recipe. Check bellow for more recipe about Chicken.

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