Cheese with Chicken scallopine recipe

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Hello, Everyone we give you a new item Like cheese with chicken scallopine. It is very delicious recipe. Everyone likes it very much. cheese with chicken scallopine is popular chicken recipe. we think that you make this dish at home and enjoy yourself very much.

Total time: Forty five minuets:

Ingredients Cheese with Chicken scallopine recipe:

  1. Six chicken cutlets, pounded thin.Chicken scallopine recipe
  2. Salt &  freshly black pepper.
  3. Six sage leaves.
  4. Three ounces grated fontina cheese.
  5. Three tablespoons olive oil.
  6. One garlic colve , half-done.
  7. Half cup white wine.
  8. One [28 ounces] can full San Marzano tomatoes.
  9. Half teaspoon red pepper flakes.
  10. One teaspoon salt.
  11. Half teaspoon freshly black pepper.
  12. Special  element: Toothpicks.

Directions for Cheese with Chicken scallopine recipe:

01) In a medium bowl place chicken cutlet. Spray salt and black pepper. Then add one sage leaf crossways on each pieces of chicken. Spray every pieces of chicken with half ounce ( two tablespoon) fontina cheese. Double up the chicken and seal with toothpicks.   

02) Preheat olive oil and half-done garlic clove, put on a pot medium and heat high till the garlic is perfumed, About two mins. Then add chicken heat until they become brown color both sides. Then remove chicken from pen and garlic. Place the wine and simmer about two mins.

03) Meantime, mix the tomatoes and red pepper flakes in a blender and blend till smooth. Add the tomatoes to the wine. Simmer about five minsto let flavors

04) Back the chicken from the pan.Simmer chicken in the tomato sauce about ten mins. Turn chicken over and simmer till cooked five to seven mins.

05) Take aside the chicken from the pan. Seasoning the tomato suace with salt & black pepper. Chop the chicken into one in rounds. Aside the strip. Place chicken over souce and serve.

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