Simple Mixed Berry Smoothie recipe

Mm, Mixed Berry Smoothie recipe this tasty smoothie is jam-packed with fresh berry flavor. This recipe is one your children will love much.

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To make this smoothie recipe we need some ingredients. The ingredients are simple and easy to collect. Let’s go for it.

Ingredients for Mixed Berry Smoothie recipe. Here these are.

  • You must have a handful of fresh or icey gathered berries.
  • And one (1) piece of banana needed.
  • Also one (1) cup ice.
  • Finaly you need splash of orange juice.

When you have collected all the ingredients which was talked before then you need the instructions to make this Berry Smoothie Recipe. No need to waste more time go for instruction for this recipe.

Simple instructions for Mixed Berry Smoothie recipe.

  1. First you need to add all ingredients in a Tall Cup or Party Mug.
  2. Then Lock all the ingredients in nutribullet and mix them till they become smooth.
  3. When they will smooth then they are ready for serve.

Now you can enojoy this recipe with your family members and friends. I am sure they will admire you much. Hope we will get good comment from you and also get shares.

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